Liberty Literature

Even when he was a young child TJ Martinell had a natural yearning for freedom and independence. Those desires were further cemented by reading voluptuously about America’s early history and the War of Independence.

Perhaps these desires were hereditary; his first known ancestor in America was Thomas Joy, who arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s. Joy’s “stand for liberality and progress” got him put in the stocks for five days at the order of Governor John Winthrop.

As Martinell’s interest in writing grew his passion for liberty intensified. Individualism and freedom became major themes in his fiction.

Eventually he realized the two were intertwined. It was then he became to look for ways to use his writing to promote human freedom.

In 2014 he started writing for the Tenth Amendment Center, the world’s foremost think tank promoting the doctrine of nullification articulated by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

Since then Martinell has written dozens of articles on modern political matters ranging from gun rights and jury nullification to the War on Drugs and state marriage licenses. He’s also analyzed research papers reexamining historical Supreme Court cases and the Second Amendment.

Recently Martinell also helped write the script for Nullify!, TAC’s 25-episode video series explaining the modern need and use of nullification. The first season can be purchased or viewed on Youtube.

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